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Painting on canvas

ByJANTING sells both existing paintings, but also accepts orders.

Particularly characteristic of Louise's paintings is her play with contrasts and texture as well as different types of material.

" The things I love to work with, are when texture and contrasts play against each other, both in shapes and materials."
Louise Janting

Are you curious about what ByJANTING has painted before.

So look below, to see some of the many paintings that have been allowed to adorn the walls of many homes.

Paintings in the environment

"We asked Louise to paint this beautiful painting for our kitchen-dining room, it is the skilled @byjanting who is behind it.
It fits perfectly into the room and it creates life and joy with the beautiful colours "

Louise Nielsen


This painting Louise made for her father when he turned 70 years old.

The story behind: When Louise was 13 years old, her parents took both her and her sister to Africa for a few weeks. Here they lived with a fantastic Danish couple who worked for Danida to make Africa a better place to live.

A beautiful experience that has given Africa a great place in Louise's heart, hence this image of the Kenyan savannah with a glimpse of Karen Blixen's house "

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